Tarnjeet Takes on Gradulthood

Best piece of advice for a Grad: 

Always ask for feedback if you are unsuccessful in a role you were really interested in/within a company you really wanted to work for.

I asked for feedback from a recent job I was unsuccessful in, where I was able to have a chat on Zoom with the CEO of the company. Now the CEO has essentially become my mentor and is helping me with my professional development.

Granted, not everyone will be this nice, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for guidance on how you can develop experience in areas you may be lacking. 

Your Grad Journey in 3 words:

Deflating, a revelation, optimistic.

Dream Workplace: 

As a live sound engineer, I have always wanted to engineer at Madison Square Garden in New York as well as travel to lots of different places and venues. 

Fave quote: 

“It’s already within you to be great. Accept it in your mind and move into that state”. 

2 truths, 1 lie:

1. I studied abroad in America.

2. I hate Italian food. 

3. I play rugby.  

Biggest Inspiration: 

TLC – they are the reason I started listening to music so much and I ended up in the career path I took. I am inspired by their work ethic and dedication to developing as a band, considering they had many difficulties along their journey.

I really appreciate the creativity they had taken with their messages revolving around feminism, safe sex, their sound with each album, fashion and choreography. It has pushed me to take risks, push past barriers as a South-Asian, female sound engineer as well as develop the confidence to speak my mind.

As a graduate who has not been able to go into the career I have been working towards for the majority of my life, they have inspired me to make the most of any opportunity that has come my way in other areas and roles in the music industry. 

Thank you Tarnjeet!