From Redundancy, to Living the Dream Abroad

Naledi Molewa, fellow Typo ambassador and Interior Architecture student, has revealed her words of wisdom when it comes to following your dreams in the midst of a pandemic.

How has covid affected your career plans?

Before the pandemic I used to work at a design company- which was a curated space for local design and architecture (@iconomy check them out on IG) unfortunately due the hard long lockdown in South Africa our company was forced to close one of the branches which resulted in me loosing my job. However that propelled me to actively go after my own passions and dreams which were to study abroad. Studying abroad has always been a plan of mine and despite all adversities this year bought I achieved my dreams and goals and if anything I’m grateful for this year honestly, and just through observation I realised that 2020 became a “woman year” because so many woman in my space launched their own online brands and businesses. I love too see that really.

What career advice would you give to your former self ? 

“Don’t panic you’re doing just fine” haha I actually used have a lot of anxiety attacks whilst I studied BA law at a local university back home – I should’ve taken that as sign that I wasn’t on my path and I was just subjected to societal pressure.

Do you have a favourite quote or someone who inspires you?

Well funny enough this is my own formulated quote that was inspired by Abraham Hicks who always talks about us being unconditional beings .  “Reality is only conditional however your dreams are unconditional “ which I believe is very true the only thing that’s constant in reality is change all we do is adapt , your dreams however rarely change they just expand. And someone who inspires me is my older sister Daphney she also went after her own dream when my mother couldn’t aid her financially. She’s now works for a leading science research company in SA and I can say is her determination and perseverance is just celestial . She’s the epitome of independence for me and I try to channel her strength even though I’m such a baby sometimes.

Has there been a time in your life where things didn’t go as planned but helped shape you in the long run?

Absolutely, too many to mention or even narrow it to one but to sum it all up I wouldn’t change anything in how my life has unfolded even in the contrast of what I wanted. The more I disliked something the more I knew exactly what it is I wanted , so I appreciate the contrast because it reinforces what  I want but I try not to dwell in that negative space too. 

Thank you Naledi!

Check out Naledi on the gram: @naledimolewa and her fashion blog: @eco_fashionur

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