Twenty-something Email Sign-offs Every Twenty-something Should Know About

Do you remember the first time you wrote a formal email? That painstakingly long process of overthinking every word you write, and praying it doesn’t come across in the wrong way, only to get to the end and have absolutely no idea how to sign it off?! Who knew there were enough words and phrases to sign off an email that they could fill their own dictionary, not to mention the number or ways they could be used!

There are some cool, calm and confident people out there that never have to think twice about pressing send on their emails, and seem to get it right every time (If this is you, then there’s no need to read on – but could you share your secrets on how you’ve got your life together? Please.). For the rest of us, who still can’t write a professional email to save our lives, here’s a list of all the words and phrases you could ever need to close an email – and when to use them.

So go on, have a little scroll and open your eyes to the world of professional email sign-offs:

So there we have it, twenty-something email sign-offs every twenty-something needs to know about! Screenshot these images and save them to a folder in your phone, so they’re readily available for your next email.

You’ll never have to think twice about pressing send again.

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