The Elite CVs Every Grad Should Know About.

Introducing the CVs that broke the internet – You’re going to want to take notes…

Let’s get right into it with our number one CV idol, Robby Leonardi. He truly changed the game by flexing his skills with a Super Mario resume! You have to see it to believe it – try here.

We have no words for the level of genius Philippe Dubost has just unleashed. He’s gone and created a full-blown Amazon page to advertise his services!  

It’s no surprise that his statement went viral instantly. Check it out here. Oh and did we mention he ended up landing a dream job at Birchbox.

Next up, is a CV that’s hands down tastier than the rest. Charlotte Olsen had the ultimate ticket to employment with this edible CV. If you want to make an impression like Char, you shouldn’t just be looking like a snack in interviews, but providing the snacks too.

Charlotte Olsen

Did you know Snapchat lets you assign an area for your own geofilter? Neither did we, until we saw this little slice of self promo. Creds to Erik Sena for demonstrating how your details could land in the hands of your dream employer.

Erik Sena

If you’re a follower of gradulthood, you’ll know we LOVE a finesse story. 

Hats off to Lukas Yla for pulling up to the CEO’s office in a full-blown delivery man disguise. You don’t get much bolder than that! He delivered these personalised doughnut boxes to his dream tech companies.

Lukas Yla

Last but not least is this pocket-sized CV gold. Design grad Andy Morris cloned himself in lego and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT.

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